Can You Hide Highlights on Instagram?

Instagram has a great feature that allows, users, to share photos and videos as a story. These stories are visible to all your followers. And every single follower can see your stories.

But if you are willing to restrict people who can see your highlights you can do it by making changes in settings. And if you want to hide highlights on Instagram then read through the article.

What are the highlights?

Like many other social media platform, Instagram also has story features where you can upload photos and videos as a story that stay for 24-hrs. These Instagram stories are automatically deleted after one day.

Once stories are deleted it becomes highlight which stays forever on your profile. These highlights are nothing but stories shared by you on your profile. You can create a highlight and name it accordingly and display it on your profile as your posts.

Though you can’t hide highlights on Instagram there are two hacks that you can follow to restrict stories to certain viewers. Just follow the below-mentioned step to hide the Instagram highlights.

Can you Hide Highlights on Instagram?

No, you can’t hide Instagram highlights. Once you create highlights it’s visible to all users who visit your profile. However, you can follow the below hack to hide highlights on Instagram from a specific number of followers.

  • Hide through Close Friend List
  • By Using Setting

1) Hide Instagram Highlights Through Close Friends List

You can create a close friend list for hiding Instagram highlights from certain viewers. This method is appropriate if you want fewer people or just close friends to view your highlights. Follow the step

  1. Log in to your Instagram Account
  2. Visit your Insta Profile
  3. Tap three lines or Menu at the top right corner.
  4. Choose Close Friends
  5. You’ll see close friends list, now select the followers you want to show our highlights.
  6. Once completed click on Done.

Now, only the people you have chosen to show our highlights from your close friend list will be able to see your highlights. You can use this method if you want to only show your highlight so close friends.

2) Hiding Through Settings

This method can be used if you want to hide highlights from only a few people or just a small number of followers. Here’s how you can hide highlights from specific people.

  1. Visit Instagram Profile.
  2. Go to Setting and scroll down to Story
  3. Select Hide Story Form
  4. Now, select viewers, you don’t want to see your highlights.

Once you change the settings, only a few people (followers you have selected) will be able to see your highlights. This method is great if you want to hide stories from very specific followers.

Wrap Up

Instagram Story is great feature to create memory and if you want to create highlights out of it this is only visible to certain viewers you can follow the above-mentioned steps.

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