Com vs – Simple guide for buying the right domain

Wondering to start a website? Starting a website is an easy process, but trying to get a domain name for your website is a difficult process. Chances are you might choose the wrong domain for your website.

If you are searching for a domain name you must have come across the domain Com vs and you must be thinking about which is a good option for your website. Most of the time people opt for .Com domain without understanding the difference between .com or domain.

There is a certain difference between and .com, you must understand their uniqueness before buying a domain name. Sometimes it could be possible that domain can be a better choice for your website depending on your target audience.

In this article, you will learn about Com vs, which is better .Com or and which one to choose.

.com Vs

.com Vs which one to choose? well, it totally depends on your website, if you are creating an E-commerce or any small website to target a particular audience (UK-based audience) then you must choose domain extension without any hesitation.

Though it is not always recommended to opt only for extension, you can use .com or for your website. Both domains can be useful for UK-based websites or businesses.

.Com is a top-level domain and it is widely used worldwide and it can be used for local as well as for international business. So it’s up to you which one to choose.

Let me explain you with an example:

If your website is all about pet care and it’s solely based on UK audience and if someone searches for dog food in the US and your website shows up, there is less chance they might land on your website.

They will always or most of the time will opt for .COM website, because your site is targeted towards UK audience and it is not relevant to their search intent. People always prefer the TLD domain over a country-level domain.

If you want to expand globally and target more international market .COM would be a perfect option. By choosing .COM domain you will able to target the UK as well as international customers.

Is .com better than

As I mentioned above, domain extension focuses more on UK-based searches. This will help you to gain more UK-based audiences to your site compared to an international one.

One major advantage of is people will always choose your website over other domain extensions and it will help build more authority for your website.

On the other hand, if you are trying to expand your business globally with then it might be a problem in long-term strategy, users in other countries may prefer other companies.

Though domain extension is not as important for Google or people searching online as once it was, users will always choose .com website on any other TLDs.

So, .com is not better than, but you have a business and it target UK people then is good to go.

In case you want to target the global market then .com is preferable.

How Much .Com and Domain Cost?

By now you must have chosen the right domain for your business. And must be wondering how much the domain cost?

If you just want to purchase a domain without web hosting, then I recommend Hostinger. They sell domains for just $6.99 a year and a .com domain for $8.99.

There are other domain sellers as well like Namecheap, Godaddy, etc

If you want a free domain, you can buy hosting with Hostinger for just $0.99/mo with all their plans they provide a free domain name. Plus, hostinger offers a free SSL certificate for a lifetime for a single domain.

What the difference between .UK and

While you were searching for a domain name, chances are you must have found .UK domain name, somewhat similar to

To make things clear they are not the same. so, what is the difference between a .UK and a CO.UK?

In 2014 .UK domain name was made available to register by ICANN because many businesses and websites were not able to find domains for their website.

So, .UK was launched to expand registration options. Though it is available there are certain restrictions to this extension. It was available to companies or people who had their existing brand for the first five years.

Since 2019, more .UK domain extensions were released to meet every business need. As time passes more extensions will be available. This means .UK will be a good option for your website if is not available.

Conclusion on .com vs

I guess your query com vs is cleared.

While looking for a domain name you must opt for a domain that suits your business and will work for you in the long term run.

.com domain is always the best option if you want to target an audience across the globe and make a brand out of your business. Though .com is a bit expensive it’s worth it if you want to grab your audience globally.

On the other hand is a perfect choice if you have UK based business or you want to target a particular UK customer. If is not available you can opt for .UK which will help your business create a local bond.

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