Difference Between Webpage and Website – 7 Quick Comparison

In today’s Internet world, there are many terms you come across and find them familiar but don’t know what they mean such term is Webpage and Website.

Though you spend tons of hours on the internet and visit numerous webpages and Websites, you must be wondering what is Webpage, What is Website, and the Difference Between Webpage and Websites.

Webpage and Website are related to each other but have many differences.

In this article, I will explain what is Webpage, What is Website, and the Difference Between Webpage and Website. This article will help you understand the key differences between webpage and websites.

This will help you understand when you are navigating a website and when you are surfing a webpage.

What is a Webpage?

A webpage is simply a single page or solitary page of a website.  On the website, there are plenty of pages and each page has a unique URL address. Anyone who wants to access that webpage can simply access it by typing the URL of that page in their web browser.

Webpages can be private or public, it depends on the developer of the website. A private page means, it is not available to users. Whereas the public page is visible and users can access it.

There are many different programming languages used to create a webpage and it depends on the platform used for the development of a webpage.  Some of the most common programming languages are HTML, Python, PHP, etc.

Webpages that are built with HTML are faster in loading and have a simple and unique look. In HTML pages CSS and javaScript are used to build pages more attractive and interactive.

Webpages include a hyperlink, images, videos, and content to another page. Some webpage is specially designed for a specific purpose like a landing page, it depends on the developer how to design pages. There are two types of pages – “static webpage” and “dynamic webpage“.

What is a Website?

A website is a collection of many webpages. All these webpages are stored under a single domain and each page has a unique URL.

The website contains different pages like about us, contact us, privacy policy, etc. Website is accessible through web browsers like chrome, Yahoo, Internet explorer. people can navigate the website by entering the domain name in their web browser.

A website can be created with the same programming languages used for creating webpages like HTML, javaScript, python, etc. However, the creation of a website is more complex and time-consuming compared to webpages.

A website is created to provide value, product, or service to the users.

Every website needs more than a webpage to be online and visible to users. A website needs to be hosted on a server where all your data is stored and for server website need Web hosting.

Difference Between webpage and Website

There is much Difference Between webpage and Website and some of the main difference are mentioned below:

  1. Every website has its own unique domain address and all webpages are part of the website which are linked to the domain. This means webpages are dependent on the website. A website won’t stop working if any of its webpages is disturbed or deleted.
  2.  A website is the main platform where all webpages are stored, whereas webpages are a small part of a website that contains links and content to other pages.
  3. In webpages its URL contains extensions like .html, .php etc. In contary website is free from such extensions.
  4. A web page is part of a website that contains documents that are displayed on the website. on the other hand, a website is a place where content is visible or displayed.
  5. Website designing and development take more time in comparison to the webpage. since the webpage is a part of the website it takes less time to design and develop.
  6. The creation of a website is a complex process as it required programming knowledge and various programming languages are used like HTML, javaScript, etc. Once the website is created webpage are easy to develop and maintain.
  7. A website needs web hosting to be visible on the internet where people can access it. As a part of the website, webpages don’t require any hosting.

Difference Between webpage and Website with Example

Let’s discuss the difference between webpage and website with example.

Consider a magazine as a website. The magazine has several pages and every page has its own unique number, this can be referred to as a webpage which a Unique URL.

We can understand the difference between a webpage and a website using our website, our website is hubshosting.com, and the page, where you are reading (https://hubshosting.com/webpage-vs-website/.html), is a webpage of the website.

Conclusion: Difference Between Webpage and Website

By now you must have understood the Difference Between webpage and Website. A webpage is just a small part of the website which includes content available on the website.

The webpage has its own unique URL which is different for every webpage, whereas the Website has a domain name that is the same and does not differ from a webpage.

A website needs time and certain knowledge to be created. On the other hand, webpages can be created in no time.


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