How to Delete Message On Pinterest? Simple Tips To Follow

How to Delete Message on Pinterest? Easiest Steps to Follow.

There are many social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that allows messaging feature to interact with other people.

However, it is not easy on Pinterest to chat as it is on Facebook and Instagram. You may have difficulty using it, especially if you are a beginner.

On Pinterest, you can hide messages, but there is no option to permanently delete them. Your message is stored on the server but it can,t be deleted Permanently. In this article, you will learn to delete a message on Pinterest and hide a message.

Now let’s take a look at how to delete messages on Pinterest and how to hide messages on Pinterest.

How to Delete Message On Pinterest? Simple Tips To Follow

How to Delete Message on Pinterest

As we discussed above there is no way you can permanently delete messages on Pinterest. Since the recent update, Pinterest removed all delete options.
Now you can only hide message conversations from the inbox, but you can,t totally delete them.

How to Delete message on a Computer

  • Log in to your account and go to your inbox.
  • Now Hover your mouse on the message you want to delete, and you’ll see a small “X” on the right
  • Click on that x and your message will be deleted.

In the older version of Pinterest, you can delete messages permanently. Just perform the step mentioned below:

How to Delete Messages on Mobile (Android and iPhone)

  • Open the Pinterest app.
  • Go to the message section.
  • Hold the message you want to delete for 3 seconds.
  • Tap on delete and the message will be removed.

Now the message has been deleted from your account. There is one thing you must know messages are only deleted from your inbox. The person you were chatting with still has your messages in their inbox.

It will not be deleted until they remove it from their inbox.

How to Hide Pinterest Messages

Pinterest is one of the great social media platforms to interact with people, but sometimes you may send messages or share private photos or videos with the wrong person.

On the other platform like Instagram, you have the option to unsend the message and the other person will not be able to see the message you send them unless the person was active at the time you send them the message.

But on Pinterest there is no unsend option, Pinterest doesn’t allow unsend a message. But you can hide the message or report the conversation.

Hiding the message or reporting the conversation must do, if not then you can talk to the Pinterest support team they might help you to delete the conversations.

Conclusion on How to Delete Messages on Pinterest

Pinterest doesn’t only allow sharing pins, it also has a messaging feature to interact with other people. But sometimes it can be a problem to chat with others. Though Pinterest has no option to delete a message, it has a feature to hide it.

Once you message someone you can’t delete it on Pinterest, so be careful while messaging someone on Pinterest.

FAQ For Delete Messages on Pinterest

1) Do messages disappear on Pinterest?

Ans: Messages on Pinterest don’t disappear and you can delete a message. Since its latest update, you can’t delete messages on Pinterest. You can only hide a message from your inbox.

2) Are messages on Pinterest private?

Ans: Yes, messages on Pinterest are private. Pinterest is a social media platform and like any other social app, Pinterest keeps your messages private and safe.

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