How To Disable Reels in Facebook App (5 EASIEST Method)

How to Disable Reels in Facebook app? 5 Quickest and Effective ways.

Don’t enjoy reels? or maybe it’s Facebook showing you tons of reels and short videos on repeat. Though reels are enjoyable sometimes they can really get into your head.

And those repetitive reels can really be irritating and frustrating, so if you need to get rid of those Instagram reels, check out the method below that will make your scrolling mess-free without those reels.

How To Disable Reels In Facebook App?

You can Disable Reels on the Facebook app by following the below methods:

  1. Hide From News Feed (Easiest Way)
  2. Disable Auto-Play to Disable Reels
  3. Use Web Browser
  4. Go Old School (Use Older Version of the Facebook app)
  5. Use another Third-Party app

1. Hide From News Feed (Easiest Way)

Unfornutalery you cant turn off reels completely, but you get the option to hide the reels and see only a couple of the videos. The option is available for every Facebook post and video. Just follow the steps mentioned below to hide reels from your new feed.

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Find Reels by scrolling through your news feed.
  3. Once you find a reel tap the three-dot at the right corner of the reel.
  4. Now tap on the option “HIde”.
  5. Once you hide the reel, it will remove all the reel sections.

Though it s a pretty handy method it doesn’t guarantee that tells will be completely turned off. But following this method, you will be able to see fewer reels every now and then.

This was the easier method by which you can see fewer reels on your new feed. Below there are some other methods which might like to try.

2. Disable Auto-Play

Another easy way you can try is disabling autoplay for videos and reels. This feature stop reels from playing automatically and allows you to scroll without any disturbance.

Once you disable the auto-play setting, the videos and reels will not play automatically. A great way to follow, if you only need to see photos rather than videos and reels.

The method will also be useful when you are on a metered connection and don’t want these videos to auto-play causing your data to end.

3. Use Web Browser

One of the ways to avoid reels on Facebook is browsing through a web browser. Facebook hasn’t introduced reels for web browsers at least till now.

So, you can enjoy Facebook using a web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc on your mobile or tab.

  • Just Open a Browser.
  • Go to Facebook and log in
  • Enjoy Facebook without any reels.

As it is a great method for enjoying the reel’s free feed, it has a little drawback.

The website is not robust and responsive compared to a Facebook app, you will have a hard time scrolling through the feeds. Plus, the site also leads to buffering problems.

4. Use Old Facebook App

Rember the old app of Facebook and all the nostalgia of creating accounts again just because you forget the password. Well, you can bring back those experiences by using the older version of the Facebook app.

The reels are available only on a newer version, so you can install and use the old version of the Facebook app and uninstall the new one.

If you have decided to uninstall the app, just follow the mentioned steps to uninstall:

  • Tap and hold the Facebook app on your mobile screen.
  • Now you will have the option of “Uninstall”.
  • Select the option.

Now you have uninstalled the old Facebook app. Just install the new Facebook app again from the play store. Once the installation is done, you have to disable the auto-updates to prevent the app from auto-updating.

If you are planning to use the above method make sure you install the Facebook app from the official store rather than any other random site. Installing the app from a random site will comprise the privacy of your app.

5. Use Another Third-Party App

Last but not least, you can use Facebook on another third-party app. With these apps, you get additional features other than your regular Facebook app.

These are special apps that are developed to avoid unnecessary distractions like reels.

Though it is a great alternative, using apps other than the official sources can lead to privacy issues. With the numerous data used by Facebook, you can expose the data by using third-party apps.

For security reasons, we don t recommend this method, instead, you can opt for the other methods.

What is Reel on Facebook

Reels are short-form videos on Facebook. Reels have become more popular nowadays than any other media type. You can enjoy reels from Instagram on Facebook if the creator of the reels recomend it on Facebook.

Reels are recommended based on your recent activity. Facebook tries to show the most relevant reels or any other post in your feed.

Conclusion How do I turn off short videos on Facebook?

As discussed you cant disable the reels on the Facebook app for now. But Facebook can introduce the feature to disable reel for a smooth experience but till then we have to wait.

Till then you can use these methods to make your feed reels free.

FAQ on How do I turn off reel video on the Facebook app?

1) Why are Reels on my Facebook?

Ans: Reels are short videos played on Facebook, it’s a new form of media post. The reels are part of the cultural moments. Facebook will now show reels on news feeds as a part of the post.

2) Where do Facebook Reels come from?

Ans: Reels on the news feed are from Instagram and Facebook, as both the social media is owned by Meta (Parent company). All the reels you see are integrated for Instagram and Facebook.

3) Why doesn’t my Facebook have reels

Ans: If you don’t see reels on your Facebook app it must be because you will be using the outdated version of the app. In case you use an Android device update the Facebook app from the play store and if you are an iPhone user download the latest version of the app to see reels on your Facebook app.

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