How to Message Someone on Youtube? Simple Trick to Follow

Want to know How to Message someone on Youtube? Youtube is the most popular video-sharing platform it has over one billion active users worldwide.

Youtube lets you watch, share, comment, and upload videos. Sometimes you want to send a message on youtube or contact the channel owner.

In 2018 Youtube removed the feature of sending a private message. You can,t directly send messages on youtube. It’s not easy as Facebook or Instagram to message someone on Youtube.

But there are certain ways by which you can contact the channel owner.

In his article, we will show you How to Message Someone on Youtube.

Can you send and receive messages on Youtube?

Like Facebook and Instagram Youtube doesn’t have a private messaging option.

On 9 July 2018, Youtube took down the feature of sending and receiving private messages.

Though Youtube allows us to contact by business inquiry emails on the youtube channel. The side back is this feature is only available on the desktop version of Youtube.

How to Send a Message to Someone on Youtube

Messaging someone on youtube is super easy. It involves only a few clicks. Just perform the step mentioned below:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Search for Channel to Message.
  3. Go to About, page and click View Email Address.
  4. Click the listed email to message.

In case you want to public chat, go to the community page on their youtube channel. There you can leave a comment on their posts, These comments you send are not private and every user can see them.

What If a Channel Doesn’t Have an Email Address Listed?

Sometimes creators don,t have emails linked to their channel, there are other options available. Most creators have social media accounts that link to their youtube channels.

You can access creators’ social media accounts by visiting the about page on their youtube channel.

Choosing their social accounts under the links section will bring you to their social media pages. You can send them a Direct Message (DM) from there.

Conclusion on How to Message Someone on Yotube

Messaging someone can be tricky, it’s not simple as Facebook and Instagram. Still, Youtube tries to make it possible for a user to contact Youtube Creator and solve their queries.

Another way you can contact the creator is through a blog. Many Youtubers own a website or small blog from where you can easily contact them. By visiting their Contact us page.

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