How to Unhide Pins on Pinterest? Easy Way

Pinterest is the best social media platform to discover new ideas. People search for new ideas on Pinterest in the form of pins.

On Facebook where you share posts and on Twitter you share tweets, on Pinterest we share pins.

Pinterest shows the most relevant news feed to you, on basis of topics, boards, and people you follow.

Sometimes you want to hide a pin or unhide pins on Pinterest. It gives you more control over your newsfeed on Pinterest.

In this article, I will show you How to hide pins on Pinterest and How to unhide pins on Pinterest.

Why Hide Pinterest pins

Hiding a Pinterest pin is necessary if Pinterest is showing you unnecessary feeds. Pinterest allows you to hide a single pin or several pins at a time.

When you hide pins, Pinterest gets to know through its algorithm that you have no interest in the pins or topic.

You must only follow the boards, topics, and people you are interested in or else Pinterest will keep showing your pins accordingly.

On Pinterest you can even hide promoted pins, in case you don,t want to see irrelevant promoted pins you can hide them.

How to Unhide Pins on Pinterest

How to Unhide a Pin on Pinterest, though it is easy to unhide Pinterest pins sometimes it can get really confusing.

In case you accidentally hid a pin, you can unhide it immediately. By clicking on undo. You must immediately unhide a pin or it’s gone forever.

How to Unhide a Pin – Pinterest Mobile App or Desktop Pinterest

  1. Once a Pin is hidden, it will be covered in a dark grey overlay.
  2. To unhide any Pin, select the Undo button on the overlay to see this Pin again.

After hiding a pin you must immediately unhide the pin, as there is no list of hidden pins in case you want to unhide a pin in the future.

How To Hide Pins On Pinterest

People use Pinterest all the time and sometimes they unintentionally hide the pins. On a smartphone, it’s pretty normal that you hide a pin.

You can only hide and unhide pins from your news feed. You can,t hide and unhide pins from the search results.

How to Hide Pins on Pinterest Mobile App

If you want to hide pins on a Pinterest mobile app just perform the step mentioned below:

  1. Log in to your Pinterest account.
  2. Visit the home feed of your Pinterest account by clicking a little bit down in the left corner.
  3. Now, choose the pin you want to hide from you, click a little bit down on the right corner, and finally hide it.
  4. Alternatively, you can hide any pin by clicking the “X” icon when you press and tap on it.

How to Hide Pinterest Pins on Desktop

On the Dekstop version of Pinterest, you can even hide promoted pins, unlike the smartphone version. Once you hide the pins Pinterest will not show you relevant pins again.

  1. Log in to your Pinterest account on the Pinterest website.
  2. Visit Home Feed.
  3. Select the Pin which you want to hide and click on the three-dotted icons or menu at the lower right corner of the Pin.
  4. Tap on the hide option.
  5. Next, you will need to choose the reason for hiding a Pin.

Conclusion on How to Unhide Pinterest on Pins

People share pins on Pinterest every day. Pinterest shows pins according to topics you follow in case you don’t want to see a certain pin you can hide it on Pinterest.

Pinterest allows to hide and unhide pins. You must act immediately after hiding a pin or it will be not available in the future to unhide it.

FAQ For How To Hide & Unhide Pins on Pinterest

1) Can you hide pins on Pinterest?

Ans: Yes, you can hide your pins on Pinterest.
To hide pins you can change your normal board to a secret board to keep pins hidden. A secret board can only be viewed by you and the account you have invited to boards.

B2) Are all pins public?

Ans: Generally, all pins on Pinterest are public. Any of your followers can view and comment on your pins. However, there are a few ways you can hide pins on Pinterest.

3) Do Pinterest pins Disappear?

Ans: Pins on Pinterest don’t disappear. Though Pinterest may remove any content that goes against its guidelines. You can check your email inbox and look for a message if your pins have been removed or disappeared.

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