How to untag Yourself on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world that allows sharing photos, videos, stories, and many more.

Many people use Instagram on daily basis to interact with their loved ones. To interact with them Instagram has a feature that allows it, users, to tag friends and family on their posts and stories.

It’s quite easy to tag your friends, you just need to mention their insta ID or username and it will tag them.

Friend to whom you have tagged will receive notification of getting tagged in your post. It is one of the features which helps followers to understand who all are tagged in the post.

But many times people get tagged randomly on different posts which are not of their interest. If you don,t know how to untag yourself on Instagram then this is the article for you.

Below is a step-by-step process to get untagged on Instagram.

Who can tag me on Instagram

Who can tag me on Instagram, well it totally depends on your privacy settings. Instagram has an option that allows you to choose who can tag or mention you in their post or comments.

It’s better to change your privacy setting and get rid of those annoying mentions in photos and comments.

How to Untag From Instagram Comment

On Instagram posts you can comment, users mention other users all the time. If your profile is public then anyone can mention you in a comment even if they are not your friends.

It can be annoying if you get mentioned in an unwanted post now and then. The only way you can remove an Instagram comment that you are tagged in is to ask the person who mentioned you to remove it or to block the person.

To block the person, visit their profile tap the three-dot (Menu) on the right side of the profile and select “Block” to completely block the user. Once you block the user, they will be not able to access your account.

How To Untag From Instagram Photos and Videos

Not only in comments you can get tagged in an unwanted post as well. The good news is you can get yourself untag from Instagram photos and videos. Just perform the step mentioned below:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Choose the photo or video.
  3. Click on the image to find your tag and tap on Tag options.
  4. Select “Remove Me From Post”.

How to Remove a Tag on Instagram

Many times people get mentioned or tagged in posts of not their interest. Though many people know how to remove a tag on Instagram, many users find it difficult to remove tags on Instagram especially beginners.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Open photo in mobile app. There is no option to remove tag on dekstop version.
  3. Tap on the photo.
  4. Tap on Tag.
  5. Selct Remove Tag.

How to Stop People from tagging you on Instagram

When someone tags you in a photo or a comment, your profile is visible to any person who views that person,s post.

Such mentioned in comment or post can be a privacy concern and you may find yourself in an embarrassing post or comment.

So here are simple steps on how to not o be tagged on Instagram.

  1. Go to your profile picture and tap on menu in the right corner.
  2. Got o setting.
  3. Go to Privacy.
  4. Got to Tag.
  5. Choose “People You Follow” or “No One” depending on your choice.

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