I bought a domain name. Now what? 5 Best Steps To Perform

Did you just purchase a domain name? Great. Because Purchasing a domain name is the first step towards getting started online. If you’ve registered a domain name, you probably wondering to start an online business or have some idea of what you want to achieve, but have no clue where to start.

When you are a beginner or just getting started you always come up with a question, “I bought a domain name. Now what?”. Well, there are many things to keep in mind after buying a domain name.

what to do after buying a domain name?

After buying a domain name you have to build a website for your business or online presence. It is just not enough to build a website from a domain name, you need hosting, a theme for your site, SSL Certificate, and so on.

A domain name is the address of your website, when users want to access your website they will access it through your domain name. so it’s important to choose the right domain name for your website.

.For a beginner it’s always a question of what to do after buying a domain name, In this article, I’ll show you step to perform after buying your domain.

  1. Get a Web Hosting for your Domain
  2. Get a Platform
  3. Install a theme
  4. Get a Custom email
  5. Add content

1. Get Web Hosting  for your Domain

If you’ve purchased a domain name, then you’ll also need a hosting account to host your site. It depends on where you have purchased your domain name you may be able to purchase your hosting for your site from the same company.

Many hosting providers give free domain names with their hosting plans, but you must check before buying one. If you purchased a domain name and hosting from a different hosting provider, then you need to point your domain to your hosting server and link with it. If it seems a bit technical don’t worry, the process is super easy.

  1. Login to your  domain name registrar ( from where you purchased your domain and locate your nameservers)
  2.  Copy nameservers.
  3. Paste it where your existing nameservers are located.

Once you have completed the above steps you have successfully connected your domain name to your hosting account.

2. Get a Platform

So now you have hosting and domain. The next thing you want to do is build a website, either you can build a site from scratch using different scripting languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript or use CMS(Content Management System) to run and maintain your site efficiently.

Content Management System (CMS) allows you to publish, edit and modify your content easily. There are plenty of CMS available, but  WordPress is the most popular CMS. It has been used by 33% of the websites in the World.

To run and maintain your website efficiently, you need to install software on your host. This is known as Content Management System (CMS). It allows you to publish, edit and make changes in your content easily. WordPress is also considered the best blogging platform.

With One-click Installation, WordPress makes it insanely easy to create a site, for a beginner it is always best to go with WordPress and make your site.

3. Install a Theme

The theme is one of the important aspects of your site, any website or blog is said to be successful only when it is responsive when it is accessed on any device.

Once you built a site you need to install a theme to make your site unique, eye-catching, and responsive. Themes make your site look different from your competitor’s site. WordPress comes up with a default theme that can be changed and modify.

There are plenty of themes available in WordPress. If you are going to create a personal blog or an eCommerce site, you will get every theme according to your site niche.

There are free themes as well as premium themes, if you have some budget and want your site to look to be unique then it’s better to go with a premium theme.

4. Get a Custom Email

For your site to grow you need to have a custom email address with your domain name. A custom email address is nothing but the one which is created with your company name as your domain name instead of the general domain names like  Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Getting a customized email address with your domain name helps to promote your website. If you don’t create custom your email users may think of it as spam and wouldn’t share their email.

If you are creating an email address in Gmail, For instance, [email protected] it’s not possible you’ll have that email available. so you forced to add random numbers and symbols with his name which makes the address quite complicated such as [email protected] which kind of looks like spam.

If you don’t create a custom email, your users may think of it as spam and wouldn’t share their email. Chances are readers might not even return to your site ever.

To avoid such a thing, When you have your own domain, you can personalize your email address professionally with your company name. For eg: [email protected] This offers more credibility and trust in your website.

5. Add Content to Website

If you still wonder “I bought a domain name, now what”, the last step is to add content to your site. People search for your domain name, for content available on your site.

 In the blogging industry, it is important to remember that “Content is King.”, For your site to grow you need to have quality content on your site. When users finds your content useful and reliable, it sends a search engine signal that your site is trustworthy and user-friendly.

Content is the best way to reflect your credibility to your user and audience. Have well-written content on your website is one of the best ways to educate the search engines on what your website is all about.

So now, let take a look at how important content is for a search engine ranking.


Keywords are the crucial factor for search engine ranking. Any search engine ranks your site on the basis of keywords and their intent.

You must target Low difficult keywords to rank quickly on the top pages of search engines and keywords need to be unique for each page. Your content needs to be thorough with the right keywords in it.


The content you are providing should serve all the information regarding your website and it must communicate the goals and grounds of your website exactly the same way it is.

As mentioned above “Content is king”, it is always recommended to write detailed articles and provide necessary information to users. Once users get familiar with your site they keep coming back, in search of an informative article.

Conclusion on I bought a domain name now what

By now you must have thought about what to do with your domain name and have got an answer to the query “I bought a domain name now what?”. If not, then here is the short summary on I bought a domain name now what?.

Get Web hosting and link your domain to your hosting server. Build your site either from scratch or using a CMS(Content Management System) which makes your work easy.

Once done with building a site, now install a theme according to your choice and customize it. Try to keep it simple and unique.

Get a custom email address for your site, as it makes your site look professional and increases your site trust. Plus, you can convert your reader into a buyer with the help of a custom email.

Now start adding content to your site, try to bring new users to your site by ranking in the top SERP.

These are some of the efficient ways to use your domain name, you can use your domain accordingly and build an online presence. If you found this article helpful then let us know your view in the comments box.

If you also have a creative way to use a domain name then also let us know in the comments.

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