Pros and Cons of WordPress – 11 Simple Factors You Must Know

I guess you are trying to start a blog or website and you must have heard WordPress is the best option for starting a website. If so then you have heard right, WordPress is one of the best website builders available.

In fact, WordPress is the most recommended CMS.

Though it is the most popular website builder you must consider the pros and cons of WordPress before deciding it is the best option for you.

To help you determine if WordPress is the best option for you, below I have listed the pros and cons of WordPress.

Pros and Cons of WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that accounts for nearly 40% of all websites on the internet. A CMS is a tool that helps you create a website and manage it without any programming knowledge.

One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is because it provides you an easy interface where you can create a website with just a few clicks. You don’t need any coding knowledge as you need in making an HTML site.

You can check here WordPress vs HTML.

WordPress provides free themes and plugin which makes your work super easy and it is best for beginners. With numerous themes and plugins available you can create an eye-catching website.

However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to WordPress.

Pros of WordPress

1. Open Source:

WordPress is an Open Source Software. It gives you the freedom to make changes and customize the site accordingly. WordPress allows you to add various plugins and themes for different functionality.

There are multiple plugins available for different functions which make your work easy and you don’t need to put in extra work.

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is you don’t need to hire a developer to make changes in the backend. You can make changes by yourself by just adding few plugins.

2. Cost:

The cost of building and maintaining a blog or website with WordPress is relatively lot cheaper. You don’t need any developer to create your site.

Being an Open Source Software, WordPress is FREE to install and comes with a one-click hosting plan.

Nowadays owning a website is a lot cheaper, than it used to be in old days. It is possible due to CMSs like WordPress.

3. Variety of Themes:

One of the reasons numerous people use WordPress because it provides many professional themes. There are plenty of themes available for different niches like fashion, health, sports, etc.

Eye-catching themes are available for low prices such as generate press, which gives your site a pro look that helps in engagement with users.

There are many Multinational companies using WordPress.

4. Plugins:

Another most important advantage of WordPress is Plugins. There are more than 50,000 Plugins available for WordPress users, most of them are free and for some, you need to pay.

Plugins help you to make changes and customize your site. There are plugins available for literally everything like cache, site speed, etc.

You don’t need any programming knowledge to enhance your site, the plugin will do it for you.

5. SEO:

SEO helps in getting traffic to your site. WordPress has many SEO plugins available to ease your work.

This plugin helps you with meta tags, content, and much more. These plugins are specially designed to make your content SEO-friendly because many people have a hard time optimizing content for search engines.

Some of the best SEO plugins are Rank math and Yoast plugin.

6. Frequent Updates:

One of the most important advantages of using WordPress is Updates. WordPress constantly rolls out updates to keep your site up to date and provide the best security to your site.

With every update, strong security is imposed on your site and they try to make a user interface handier.

7. High Performance

WordPress provides a high-performance website, they use minimal code with PHP. With minimal code your website loads quickly and it doesn’t affect user engagement.

High loading speed is one of the main factors for ranking in Google.

Cons of WordPress

1. Speed:

WordPress provides you multiple themes options according to your need, but some themes can have unnecessary generic code. This results in a decrease in site speed and causes slow load time.

Code used in templates can be a little tricky and those who are just starting out or totally beginner can mess up the site while making changes in code.

Without any programming knowledge, it’s difficult to understand which code works for you and which doesn’t.

2. Vulnerability:

WordPress is an Open Source Software, you are responsible for your site updates and maintenance. Maintenance of your site is crucial and always time-consuming especially if you are a beginner or don’t have any knowledge.

If you are not able to maintain your site properly, then your site becomes vulnerable to hackers. 

Once your site gets hacked you don’t have many options available, the only support you can expect is from the community. 

This in my opinion is the biggest disadvantage of WordPress.

3. Unnecessary Updates:

Though updates are a must for your site’s health, sometimes there can be too many updates. It’s not like they’ll come every day but you must expect several times a month.

Many premium WordPress themes are updated more often. While updating your site goes in maintenance mode which can do more harm than good.

Sometimes there can be frequent updates from the plugin end as well, which can be annoying to deal with.

4. Customization:

For your site to perform well your site needs to customize and be up to date. Sometimes customization can be a bit expensive. 

If you are not a WordPress expert and you didn’t develop your own site, then there can be some issues.

As I mentioned above updating the site can cause some problems. 

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of WordPress

Though there are many pros and cons of WordPress, it’s always recommended to look for the best option available. If you are willing to start a small blog or website with minimum effort then WordPress is good to go.

For a newbie, you must not focus on the pros and cons of WordPress, as you are just starting out. For a large enterprise that is willing to start a website, it’s better to look for another alternative with better support and better security.

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