What does CBA mean on Facebook?

CBA is one of the widely used abbreviations in chat, texting, and Facebook. But, what does CBA mean on Facebook?

What Does CBA Mean?

CBA is one of the most used slang on the internet and one may find it hard to guess. Though it’s popular among social apps many haven’t heard about e phase.

CBA stands for “Can’t Be Arsed”. The phrase is mostly used in the European country as the word arse is a form of the word for ass. The slang is always used without any context.

What does CBA mean on Facebook?

CBA on Facebook Stands for “Can’t Be Arsed”.

CBA is most commonly used on Facebook and other social media platforms.

CBA is used to express unwillingness to complete a task. Basically, it means a person is lazy enough to make an effort.

Alentrative Meaning of CBA

Cost-Benefit Analysis.

In business, CBA is used to refer to a process by which decisions, systems, or projects are analyzed. In this context, a CBA identifies the benefits and costs of an action in order to assess or estimate its value.

Example of CBA

When you’re on the fourth day of unwashed hair and you are wondering if you can wing it another day #Cba

CBA with folk who pick n choose when they want to speak to you.

CBA meaning in chat

As discussed CBA stands for “Can’t Be Arsed” or the alternative for unbothered. The phrase CBA can be used when you are too lazy to argue or to make an effort.

CBA is mostly used in texting rather than in person. You must be sure while using the slang CBA or it may convey the wrong message.

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