What Does FS Mean On Instagram? And How To USe It

What does FS mean on Instagram? I am sure you must be wondering the same after getting the message on Instagram.

Check out below to find the “FS” meaning and how to use it in text.

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What does FS mean on Instagram?

The term FS means “For Sure ” on Instagram.
The term is used when someone agrees with you or gives a heads up about your plans.

Though FS has many meaning the most common is “For Sure”. It most commonly means definitely or affirmative response to your query.

Let’s look at an example, if your friends ask whether you are going movie tonight, you might answer them with “FS” I am. or you can answer you must not miss it “FS”.

What does fs mean texting?

FS in texting means “for sure”. Another common meaning of fs is “Fos Sale” which is used in markets. Though both have the same meaning you are most unlikely to get confused “for sure ” with “for sale”.

What does FS mean on social media?

Urban Dictionary defines the term FS as “for sure”. The term is famous and widely used on social media while agreeing with someone one must use it.

When one uses the term its means they are confident and positive about the answer.

What do Fs mean on Snapchat?

Even on Snapchat FS have the same meaning as “for sure”. Use it when you need to agree with someone on the view.

How to Use FS in Text

You can use FS in text or on social media. If you agree with someone you can message them FS which means for sure. The term is mainly used in texting and not in private, so avoid using it when having face-to-face conversations.

Few Examples of FS:

  • Yeah, FS I am going to a movie.
  • The food they have is incredible FS

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