What Does GTS Mean on Instagram? And on Snapchat & Tiktok

Today there are hundreds of slang and it is not easy for many people to understand short forms such as GTS.

GTS is one of the most used abbreviations on social sites. Numerous people use GTS in regular chat.

But what does GTS mean on Instagram?

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What Does GTS Mean on Instagram?

GTS on Instagram means “Go To Sleep”. Not only on Instagram GTS have the same meaning across all social media platform. It is mainly use in texting.

What is GTS mean in texting?

According to Urban Dictionary, GTS Stands for “Go To Sleep”

GTS is usually used to end the conversation taking a place at night. Generally, whenever someone is tired they use GTS which refers to “I am tired, stop talking and go to sleep”.

However, in professional wrestling, GTS is used as a final move against their opponent. CM Punk was the one who made the move GTS Famous.

What does GTS mean on Snapchat?

As discussed GTS means “Go To Sleep” on Snapchat and other social sites. If someone messages you GTS it means they are asking you to go to sleep.

Alentrative Meaning of GTS

A) Good Times

When GTS means “Good Times,” it is used to wrap up a conversation reminiscing about past happy experiences.

B) Global Trading System

The Pokemon GTS is an online “Global Trading System” that allows players to trade characters. A Player has Access to the GTS only if they have paid account.

Examples of GTS

Some of the examples of GTS being used in conversations:

Lincoln: Swimming with the rays in the Maldives was amazing.
Veronica: Yeah, GTS!

(Here, GTS means “Good Times.”)

Michael: Do you remember when we used to steal apples,s from the neighbor’s garden?
Sara: It’s late. GTS.

(Here, GTS means “Go To Sleep.”)

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