What Does IMG Mean On Instagram and Texting (MUST Know This)

You may have seen the acronym “IMG” almost everywhere from Instagram to Texting. But, what does IMG mean?

IMG Stands For “IMAGE”. IMG is used as a short form on Instagram and texting and on other social media platforms.

What does IMG mean on Instagram?

IMG is a short form for “Image” on Instagram. When someone texts you IMG it means they are asking for the image or pictures. IMG is commonly used on social media and its popular among youths.

You can use the IMG acronym in conversation rather than using the word images.

What does IMG mean in Snapchat & Texting?

In-text IMG stands for “Images”. People often text IMG instead of the word images. The acronym is popular in WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups.

What does IMO mean in texting?

IMO texting means “In My opinion”. IMO is used to clarify your views if someone disagrees. Just saying IMO you can tell the other person what you think about the particular opinion.

What is an IMG image?

According to Wikipedia, IMG refers to a binary file with an extension. img filename that is used to store disk images. The IMG acronym is used in the computing world.

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