What Does MB Mean On Instagram? 3 Things to Know

What does MB mean on Instagram? Read through the article to find out:

Got another abbreviation that you don’t know? Today people use short terms instead of full and sometimes it’s difficult to find out and one such term is MB.

What Does MB Mean On Instagram?

MB on Instagram means “My Bad”.
People often use MB in their conversations to accept their mistakes. And in slang, it’s just the admission of something they have done wrong.

If you come across the word MB in conversation with your family or friends or any person then know, they are apologizing for their mistake or they are admitting the mistake. Not only on Instagram you will see this slang used everywhere.

What does MB mean in text?

According to the urban dictionary, the term MB stands for “my bad” or in the computing world. If someone uses MB in texting then it’s considered “my bad” rather than other abbreviations in the computer world.

What does MB mean in Snapchat?

Even in Snapchat MB means “my bad”. You can use the slang MB on all social sites as my bad.

So if you come across the word MB, know that it’s an abbreviation of “my bad”. Its most commonly used among friends.

What Is Mb Short For?

MB is also a short form for Megabytes. A megabyte is a term used in the computing world.

MB or Megabytes is a storage system used in chips and for storage devices. The device is used in smartphones, computers, and laptops.

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