What Does MK Mean on Instagram & TikTok (READ This FIRST)

Did you get the message that reads “MK” and doesn’t know what MK means on Instagram?

Instagram is popular among youngsters; they use slang to communicate and sometimes use slang like MK which confuses many. So, if you are wondering What Does MK Mean on Instagram? This article is for you.

What Does MK Mean On Instagram?

MK on Instagram means “Mm Ok“. The slang is used to affirm a statement or agree with someone. It is also used to end conversations in cunning ways. When you need to avoid the text or the conversation you can refer to MK to end things.

Mainly used in texting you can also use the acronym on a social media platform for chatting. Now you must have an idea of MK meaning in Instagram

MK meaning in a text message?

In-text message MK means “Mm Ok”. MK is most commonly used in a text message to agree with someone or express the acceptance of a view.

Example of MK:

  • Lily: Wanna come to the Chris party this weekend?
  • Robin: MK, I could use a little break from the project.
  • Lily: Great, I’ll pick you up from your home.

What does MK mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, Mk refers to as “OK”. It is the abbreviation of “Ok” or “Mm ok”.

MK is used casually in conversations, to affirm “yes”. By using it you can also express your disapproval of the person. Though it’s commonly used in texting you must be careful using slang as it may convey the wrong expressions.

What does KK mean in the text?

According to Wikipedia, KK is a shortened response for “Ok Cool”. The slang can be used to end the conversation in a casual manner. Many use it to politely agree with someone or use it as a replacement for the word “Ok”

(Internet slang) okay cool (a shortened response usually used at the end of a conversation).

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