What Does SB Mean on Facebook? Snapchat and Texting

Facebook is one of the best platforms to interact with people. But sometimes people use a certain abbreviation that people find difficult to understand like “SB”.

So, What does SB mean on Facebook?

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What Does SB Mean on Facebook?

SB on Facebook stands for “Soft Block” or “Somebody”. The use of the words Softblock and somebody is mentioned below:

Soft Block

Soft Block is used to refer to removing Twitter followers without knowing the person you have removed.


SB is widely used to refer to some person.

What does sb mean on Snapchat?

SB on Snapchat means “Snapback”. On the social media platform Snapchat, SB is used when the poster wants another user to respond to their “Snap”. SB is a widely used term on Snapchat and it’s most popular among youngsters.

What does sb mean in text messages?

According to Dictionary.com SB in the text means “Somebody”. People use SB instead of somebody when they need to use the words, somebody. When you don’t want to point out someone or name them you can simply use “SB” as a reference.

For example, “SB” told me you have a crush on Taylor.

What does sb mean on social media?

As discussed, SB means “Somebody” or “Softblock” on social media.

Somebody can be used in social media to refer to someone rather than saying their name and a soft block means to block someone on social media without knowing them.

Examples of SB

Some of the examples of SB being used in conversations:

Lily: Remember that guy I met at Kim’s party last year who keeps posting stupid comments on my tweets?

Marshall: SB him. He’ll probably never notice.

(Here, SB means “Soft Block.”)

Soni: Ted tells me that SB has been an Amateur girl.

Rose: SB tells me that Ted’s going to get a kick in the balls when SB sees him.

(Here, SB means “Somebody.”)

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