What Does WTW Mean on Instagram? (KNOW This FIRST)

Use Instagram for messaging and texting? then you must have seen the word WTW. But What does WTW mean on Instagram?

Instagram is popular among youth and they use different slang every day for texting sometimes you encountered words that you don’t get and one of those words is WTW. Find out below the meaning of WTW.

What Does WTW Mean on Instagram?

The term WTW means “What’s the Word” on Instagram and other social apps. It is the same as asking “What’s up” or “what you are up to”. You can use WTW as slang to ask what the other person is up to and how they are doing.

Some use WTW as “What the What” meaning disbelief or total surprise. A kind of similar meaning to “What the Heck”. Though WTW can mean different things it has the same context as asking someone What they are up to.

What does WTW mean on Snapchat?

WTW on Snapchat means “What’s Up”. When you get WTW on Snapchat it means another person is asking what you are up to and what your plan is. You’ll find this acronym more often on Snapchat, as it’s the most common way of asking what you are up to.

What does WTW mean in text?

According to Urbandictionary, WTW is used instead of “What’s the Word” which basically means What up. You can use these acronyms rather than the usual words in texting.

Many prefer to use short acronyms instead of words.

What Does Wtv Mean In Texting?

WTV is a short form for Whatever in texting, which means you are bored or care less about the thing. People use WTV instead of the word “Whatever” in texting.

How To Use WTW

You can use the WTW acronyms in texting and messaging, below are some examples of how you can use it:

  • Mike: WTW with tom, he’s been acting weird and quiet lately.
  • John: Yeah, I guess he’s going through some rough time I guess.
  • Mike: Hope he’s Alright.

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