What Does YK Mean On Instagram & Snapchat? (FIRST Know This)

What Does YK Mean On Instagram? Snapchat & Texting.

Nowadays people often use slang to communicate and sometimes it gets confusing what the words stand for one such slang is “YK”.

Check Out below YK meaning in Instagram, YK meaning in Snapchat, and how to respond.

What does YK mean on Instagram & Texting?

Yk on Instagram Stands for “You are Kidding”.

The slang Yk is widely used in texting to showcase strong emotions. Typically the acronym is used to respond to a message that is shocking, joy, surprising, or disbelief. Basically, the message means that you are just kidding or saying the truth.

Though YK is followed by a question, when it’s used on social platforms it’s not followed by a question mark.

What Does YK Mean on Snapchat?

YK on Snapchat means “You’re Kidding”. YK is mostly used on Snapchat as it is most popular among youths. It is used to express your emotions.

A person messages YK when they can’t believe what you are saying or they just think that you are lying. Now you know what does yk mean in Snapchat.

Alternate Meaning

You Know

The acronym Yk is also referred to as “You Know”. The slang is often used in messages as a pause to think before saying or just for hiding emotions.

The acronym is widely used in texting instead of in personal conversations. It’s mostly used at the end of the statement to make sure the other person understands what you have been trying to say.

What does YKTV mean in texting

According to UrbanDicitonary, YKTV stands for “You Know The Vibe”. The acronym is used when someone compliments you for your attire.

Example of YKTV:

Homie: Whoa, that some G look shirt you got!
You: Yeah, YKTV (YOu Know The Vibe).

Examples of YK in Sentences

Here are some of the examples of YK:

  • Mark: Chris got those new AirPods.
  • Pat: YK(You’re Kidding)? right.
  • Mark: FS, I ain’t kidding.
  • Gigi: YK (You Know), he asked me out.
  • Taylor: OMG, that’s awesome.
  • Gigi: Yeah.

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