What is a reserved domain name? Exclusive Guide (2021)

What is a reserved domain name

What is a reserved domain name? This is the question you have come across when you are trying to find a domain name for your website but couldn’t find it. A domain name is the identity of your website and you must choose it wisely.

So,  what is a reserved domain name? In short, Reserved domains are the domain that has been blocked by the central registry to register and are not available for registration.

In the below article, I have mentioned what is a domain name and what is a reserved domain name.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the name of your website. Whenever people want to search for your site they search it through your Domain name.

There are millions of websites that have their own unique IP address. An IP address looks like this


An IP address like this is difficult to remember, so the domains were invented to recall website names more easily. Domain names made it easy to remember website names. So now, if you want to access any site you just need to enter the website name instead of long numbers. For Example HubsHosting.com

There are many types of domain names available, among these the most popular is .com. But there are domains available at a different level

Top-Level Domain – TLD

The top-Level domain is the highest domain listed in the domain name system. There are different types of popular domains available but the most popular are .com, .org, .net.

Other types of domains are  .club, .biz.info, .agency this is the less popular domain names

Country Code Top Level Domain – ccTLD

Country Code Top Level Domain or ccTLD are country-specific design domains. ccTLD ends with country-code extensions like .in for India.

These domains are best for a website that wants to target users in a specific country.

Till now you must have understood What is a Domain name, Now let discuss What is a reserved domain name.

What is a Reserved Domain Name?

Reserved domain names are the domain that is not available for registration by the central registry. There are many reasons when the central registry blocks domain registration.

One of the reasons central registry blocks registration is “name collision“. Another reason is registry blocks domain name is because they have decided to not release short domain names. And many times central registries block domain names because they consider them as premium. Sometimes registry reserve those domains for their own use.

For instance, the. ME registry has blocked many valuable or premium domain names.

So. When you are not able to find a domain according to your choice, it’s better to opt for another domain.

Conclusion on What is a Reserved domain name?

In this article I have mentioned What is a Domain name and What is a Reserved domain name. A Reserved domain is a domain that is blocked by the central registry.

Blocked can not be registered and are not available.

Registry blocks domain names because of name collision or they don’t want to release domain names In case you want to register a domain that is not available, the only option is to opt for another domain.

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