What is the difference between MYSQL and SQL?

what is the difference between SQL and MYSQL

With a number of businesses going online, databases have become a crucial requirement for small businesses as well as larger corporations. 

Almost every website nowadays, stores, retrieves, and modifies data to deliver a particular output.

A database is a collection of data in a layman’s words,  properly organized and stored in electronic form to ensure easy access, retrieval, manipulation, and management of data. 

Databases are pivotal to a business’s success because they help store the relevant data in a centralized location and keep them safe. Not just that, they also facilitate the communication of critical business information like customer profiles, employee profiles, marketing campaigns, , sales transactions and so on.

Also, databases ensure total data security through different authentication mechanisms like user logins and access specifiers. 

Numbers of people have questions like What is the Difference between  SQL and MYSQL. I n this post, you will learn about relational databases, with a special focus on two popular data management tools – SQL and MySQL. And I will explain what is difference between the MYSQL server and the SQL server.

What is a Relational Database Management system?

In simple words, a Relational Database Management System is a software through which a person can interact with the databases to update, modify and administer the data.

In the relational database, the data is stored in a basic format using rows and columns, making it easier for users and readers to understand it.

The values within each table are related to each other in one way or another way, hence the name relational. In Simple words, the various RDMS software offers a visual representation of data allowing you to make changes visually.

Two of the most popular RDMS systems are SQL and MySQL Server.

Though, both the system is based on the SQL server, but they work distinctly although performing the same functionality.

Speaking of a few similarities, both the system uses tables to store data, primary and foreign essential references, and both  MySQL and SQL have the ability to manage multiple databases within a single server.

Before we discuss the difference between MySQL and SQL, let’s first take a look at them individually to understand them better.

What is MySQL?

MySQL was initially developed by MySQL AB  back in 1995. However, it is now owned by the Oracle Corporation.

As we discussed earlier, MySQL is one of the most popular RDMS systems which is largely used on the web instead of offline data management.

MySQL is written using C and C++ languages, and it supports all the major platforms like Windows,  Solaris, Linux, macOS, and FreeBSD.

The system is already used by many web apps, which are database-driven such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Most of the popular websites such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon also use MySQL in one way or another.

Since the MYSQL service is free and open-source, it is quite popular among the startup communities.

Typically, MySQL is used with PHP and APACHE web server on top of Linux distribution, hence the popular acronym LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

What is SQL?

SQL (Structured Query Language ) is the standard language that is used to operate, manage, and access databases. By making small changes in the syntax, you can add, delete, retrieve, or access data in different databases.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) maintains that SQL is the standard language for managing a relational database management system, like MySQL. It is owned, hosted, offered, and maintained by Microsoft. 

You can use SQL to write programs for making any modifications or changes to a database. Besides that, you can use SQL to create as well as to modify database schemas.

One of the greatest SQL advantages is that you can use a single command to access multiple records within a database.

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Differences between SQL and Mysql

Above we discussed  What is MYSQL and What is SQL. Now we will have a look at What is the difference between SQL and MYSQL.

  •  SQL is a language used for operating different relational databases, whereas MySQL is the first open-source relational database in the early 90s. 
  •  MYSQL is a relational database that uses SQL  to query a database, on the other hand, SQL is a query language.
  • MYSQL is used for data storing, modifying, making changes, and management of data in tabular format, whereas SQL is used for writing queries for databases.
  • MYSQL comes with a  “MySQL workbench” an integrated tool used for designing and building databases. SQL does not have any support for connectors.
  • MYSQL is more flexible as it supports multiple storage engines, whereas SQL supports a single storage engine
  • SQL is not an open-source language, in case you experience any issue or technical problem, there is no support available. on the other hand, MYSQL is an open-source platform that offers community support.
  • In the case of SQL, it follows a standard format where the basic syntax and command used for DBMS and RDBMS remains the same, whereas MYSQL receives multiple updates.
  • In SQL Server, data is more secured compared to MYSQL server, as it does not allow external processes to access or manipulate data. while in MYSQL using binaries one can easily manipulate data.

Difference between MYSQL server and SQL server

When it comes to the Relational Database Management System, the most popular software are SQL and MySQL Server. Both the software offers different features and are perfect in each way. Here is a quick comparison between the two popular SQL-based systems.

MYSQL and SQL are two of the most popular Relational Database Management System.  Both the software offers unique features and are perfect in their own way. Here is the difference between MYSQL and SQL.

 1. Programming Language

SQL Server supports different programming languages such as C++, Java, Go, PHP, Python, VB, and R.

MySQL already supports all the languages mentioned above. Instead, it also works with languages like  Scheme, Tcl, Perl, and Haskel. It is one of the main reasons why the developers’ community loves MySQL.

 2. Syntax

SQL Server syntax is said to be very simple and easy to use compared to MYSQL.
MySQL, on the other hand, is a bit complex when compared with SQL.

3. Licensing

MySQL is totally free and open-source software owned by Oracle Corporation.

SQL Server, on the other hand, is owned by Microsoft. Its source code is generally not open to others

4. Security

In terms of security, SQL Server is more secure than MySQL. In SQL Server, other processes have no access and cannot manipulate the data. In simple words, hackers or any third-party app has no access to data directly.

While in MySQL, you can manipulate database files at the run time using binaries, making it less secure compared to SQL. Any other unknown process can access and modify and change the data easily.

5. Community Support

Since SQL Server is not open-source software, therefore, the community support is not that excellent compared to MYSQL. If any issue occurs, you’ll have to go to Microsoft SQL Server support eventually.

In the case of MySQL, you can find tons of solutions just by surfing on the internet. If not, you can always find the community which helps you with the problem.

6.  Multilingual

SQL Server offers different languages which makes it more popular compared to MYSQL
whereas MySQL, supports only the English language.

7.  Written in

Both MySQL and MS SQL Server are written using the same   C and C++  Programming languages.

8.  Storage Engine

Another major difference between the two is the way they store data. SQL Server only uses a single storage engine developed by Microsoft.

In contrast, MySQL gives developers much more flexibility in storage, as they can use different engines for different tables that are based on reliability, speed, or some other dimensions.

Two of the most popular MySQL storage engines are  MyISAM and InnoDB 

Which is Better SQL or MYSQL

If you’re just starting out with web development, then you must choose the RDMS system very carefully because you are going to be using it all the time. And switching between technologies would be a little difficult in the future.

In this article, we tried to differentiate the two most popular, MySQL, and SQL Server. In most cases, MYSQL seems like the best option while in many ways SQL was a perfect fit.

In the end, it’s up to personal preference and the way you’ll be using these technologies. Just for a quick head start, I’ll recommend going with MySQL for a  small-sized or medium web app that will use PHP.

For a large corporation that needs more security and enterprise-related features, SQL Server is the best option.


In this Post about SQL vs MySQL, we saw the differences between SQL and MySQL. SQL is a query language for relational databases on the other hand MySQL is a popular (RDMS)relational database management system.

Just like MySQL, another popular and widely used RDBMS is SQL Server. I further compared MySQL and SQL Server in detail. Both RDBMSes have many differences in terms of their licensing, features, performance, use cases, pricing, etc.

While discussing which one is better among MYSQL and SQL, I would suggest SQL Server (though it is costlier compared to MySQL), but again the selection would depend upon your budget and requirements. Hence, choose wisely and carefully after analyzing your needs.

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