What is icu Domain? Beginner Exclusive Guide (2021)

What is icu Domain?

If you are looking for a unique domain name, then you must have introduced yourself to icu domain name. And must be wondering what is icu domain name is. If so, then your search has come to an ultimate end.

Beginners always find themselves in trouble while searching for a domain name. It is very crucial to select the right domain name for your website, else your site will struggle to rank in the top 10 SERPs of Google. There are different types of domain names available in the market but you must choose wisely according to your niche.

For instance, if your site is all about health and fitness then you must choose a domain name like “Health.com” instead of going for “fashion.com”.

In this Beginner’s Guide, I will answer What is .icu domain and Is icu domain safe. This guide will help you to choose the right domain name for you and opt for the wise domain name.

What is icu domain

.icu is a short form for “I See You,” it’s a new extension designed to give an easy, innovative and better alternative to traditional domains. The extension is available in, more than 30 countries and has over 100 registrars to distribute the names to end-users.

.ICU, is a generic domain ending that can help your online business achieve greater visibility. Because this domain does not have any inherent meaning, it can be used and understood by people in every industry and niche. It’s one of the new generation’s domain names.

Beginners can use the “.icu” domain name as it is a short and easy-to-remember three-letter domain extension. Plus, it’s one of the most popular domain names available.

I guess you have a better idea of What is .icu domain extension.

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Is icu domain spam

Many people use icu domain for spamming people across the globe. They use icu domain to send emails to people and ask for their personal detail and bank information. And they email them everything from drone sales to what looks like Ashley madison, from dog training to mole removal.

Not every icu domain is spam, many large corporations use icu as a domain extension. And domain names have nothing to do with spam. If you are just starting out in the blogging industry then icu domain can be one of the best options. Many beginners opt for icu domain as it is cheaper compared to other top-level domains such as .com, .net, and .org.

icu domain safe

Many online users are asked to beware of some websites that have names ending with”.icu”. This is because many scammers are abusing the Top Level Domain(TLD), by creating fake and fraudulent websites with names ending with “.icu”.

There are cases where popular websites have been cloned that have names ending with “.icu” Which scammers use to trick potential users into visiting, thinking they are on the legit and real website.

For example, Cybercriminals can clone or make fake website names “www.twitter.icu”. Many online users who are tricked into visiting the fake and clone website, would not notice the “.icu” at the end of the website name, or may even think Twitter is using a new website domain name.

Therefore, they would think they are on the legitimate Twitter website. But, any attempts to sign in to the fake website by visitors, will result in their Twitter usernames and passwords being sent to the cybercriminals responsible for the website, who will use the stolen credentials to hijack the visitors’ email accounts, which will be used by them fraudulently.

Online users who think they were tricked into visiting fake websites that steal online usernames and passwords, should change their passwords immediately before their accounts are hijacked and used for the wrong purpose.

It’s not like all website names ending with “.icu” are a fraud. It’s always recommended for users to be aware of those fake “.icu” Top Level Domain name(TLD) website, which is created by hackers and scammers just to steal the data of visitors.

Why Choose .icu domain

If you are looking for a unique and different domain name for your website, then “.icu” can be one of the best options available. Its works best for an international audience.

Plus, icu domain name has no restrictions and it is available for anyone to register. It’s short, eye-catching, and simple to remember.

so make sure to get a unique and perfect domain and choose .icu domain extension for your website.

Conclusion on What is .icu Domain

By now you must have understood What is icu domain if not here is the quick review. icu domain is one of the Top Level Domain(TLD) used by many small and large scale corporations. Those who are having difficulty with choosing a domain name can opt for “.icu” domain.

It is safe to use icu domain, And if you want to have a unique and eye-catching domain name then “.icu ” is good to go.

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