What Is Secure Copy Protocol (SCP)?

What Is Secure Copy Protocol (SCP)?

There are various tools and technologies available in the market to transfer data between two computers. Because of the wide selection of client programs and available protocols, you sometimes may get confused and it can be more difficult to find the right solution for data transfer. This problem mainly occurs with beginners and less experienced users. So, What is Secure Copy Protocol, In short SCP, is a File Transfer Protocol.

When you are sending sensitive and confidential data that requires more than a simple transfer, you must consider a method that provides an appropriate level of security.

Performing data transfer through SCP protocol is one of the best methods, which is built and designed specifically for the secure transfer of digital information. In the below article, you will learn What Is Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) and how does it work.

What is Secure Copy Protocol (SCP)

What is secure copy Protocol? In simple term, Secure Copy Protocol or “SCP”  is a file transfer protocol for a computer network which helps to transfer files from localhost to remote host. It is kind of similar to FTP (File Transfer Protocol ) but is ensure more security and authentication.

Many believe that SCP is a combination of RCP BSD and SSH protocol.

SSH protocol ensures authentication and encryption, whereas RCP is used to transfer the files between computers. Hence, SCP is considered a combination of RCP and SSH.

The SCP can be used to block hackers that can extract crucial information from the data packets, and data that is being transferred remains secure and confidential.

Using SSH, SCP can get the benefit as it allows the inclusion of permissions and timestamps for the file that needs to be uploaded and data remains confidential. SCP is cross-platform.

The SCP versions and programs are available for all standard Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems as well as for mobile operating systems Android and IOS.

How does SCP Work

How does SCP Works, SCP needs Permission or authentication from hosts. Apart from this, you need to set up an SSH connection between the localhost and the targeted host before performing the transfer via Secure Protocol.

Once the SSH connection is built between two hosts, the SCP client will begin the copy process which is secure, with two different modes available. One is Sources mode and the second is sink mode.

  • Source mode: In Source mode SCP reads files from the targeted distant host and sends them back to the client.
  • Sink mode: In the case of sink mode used via SCP protocol, it sends signals to the remote host and signals them there is input data to be written to the remote. host.

SCP clients always utilize -f flag activates source mode. If you want to use sink mode to transfer data to a remote host, you need to use -t flag.

How to use SCP?

SCP supports multiple operating systems and provides an excellent safety solution by using SSH. Though SFTP utilizes the SSH mechanism, different features of SCP protocol (encryption and authentication)  make SCP more beneficial.

SFTP has little slow transfer speed compared to SCP. So, if you are willing to transfer files quickly and need safely to a web server SCP must be your prior option. Or Whenever you want to transfer sensitive or confidential files you must consider SCP over SFTP.

Different Operating systems like macOS and Windows have a standard embedded secure copy client known as “SCP” so that you can transfer data through SCP protocol by using a command terminal or prompt window.

If you want to copy the source file into the directory on the target host via SSH using the name “tech”, you must use this command.

scp SourceFile [email protected]:directory/TargetFile

In case you want to transfer a file from a remote host to the local host using SCP protocol, you must use the following command

scp [email protected]:directory/SourceFile TargetFile 

Conclusion on What is Secure Copy Protocol

You must have got an answer to the question What is Secure Control Protocol, if not here is the short answer.

The Secure Copy Protocol is a secure file transfer that helps to transfer files securely from a local to a remote host. It is like  File Transfer Protocol “FTP”, but it ensures more security and authentication. SCP runs on port 22.

The command of SCP is based on SSH and it is more secure and confidential. SCP is not able to remove files or list files on the remote host like SFTP. Though SCP is able to only able to transfer files it can do it faster compared to SFTP.

The only major disadvantage of  SCP is that it can only transfer files and is not able to complete a process as other protocols.


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